Using Azure with Embarcadero


Cloud computing offers faster innovation, flexible resources, and scalability. Typically, you pay only for cloud services you use, helping you lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as your business needs change.

Developers using the Embarcadero developer tools can take advantage of the cloud to help modernise your apps and improve processes.

Below, we will explain how you can use Azure with RAD Studio and InterBase for enhanced cross-platform app development.


Using Azure with RAD Studio

What is Azure? 

Azure is Microsoft’s intelligent cloud platform made up of over 200 products and cloud services. Designed to let you build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge it allows you to solve the challenges you have today as well as build for the future. From creating websites, databases, and desktop and mobile applications, to integrating the latest technologies into your application, Azure does the heavy lifting for you.

What is RAD Studio? 

RAD Studio is the ultimate IDE for single-source multi-platform native application development using integrated toolchains and visual designers, powered by Delphi and modern C++. Leverage Windows platform integration and flexible component-based architecture to compile high-performance apps from one codebase for billions of users on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. 

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Native speed 

Want speed?... You need to be compiled! 

Compiled code outperforms interpreted code, helping increase scale, performance and reduce the cost of required cloud infrastructure. Additionally, RAD Studio’s single source code approach means reaching new platforms only takes seconds! Just pick a target platform and recompile for 64bit Windows and Linux! 

Solution: RAD Studio

Flexible, fast deployment 

From Stateless to Stateful, you can build them all!  

With an array of project types, and the ability to share sources between applications, you can rapidly build and pivot where you deploy based on project requirements. From traditional XML web services to scalable RESTful JSON based MEAPS (with RAD Server) to session-based middle-tiers (DataSnap) RAD Studio offers options across the stack, for both hosted Windows/Linux instances or Azure Function Apps. 

Solutions: Remote Server and Server Functions

Rapidly add AI 

Easily link to Cloud Services 

Azure’s Cognitive Services provide access to many AI capabilities. Using the published REST API documentation on Azure, and the components in RAD Studio, you can rapidly add AI features to any application you build with a single source approach targeting Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. 

Solution: Azure Cognitive Services

Connected to data 

Highly optimised SQL and NoSQL connectivity 

FireDAC is a unique set of Universal Data Access Components for developing multi-device database applications. With its powerful common architecture, FireDAC enables native high-speed direct access to local or cloud-hosted databases. Advanced features, such as fetching blogs on demand, help make FireDAC blazingly fast and scalable with minimal network traffic. 

Data in Azure 

See how to set up and connect to Azure Cloud instances and work with live data at design time for even faster prototyping. 

Solution: Database-as-a-Service

Scalable cloud storage 

Rapid access to online blob/file storage from any platform 

The AzureAPI unit provides access to Azure Blobs, Containers, Queues, Tables, Policies and Identifies directly from within RAD Studio. Rapidly connect to fetch and store online data.

Amazon or Azure? Code once, use either! 

RAD Studio components help you code once to target Blog Storage capabilities on Amazon or Microsoft Azure. 

Solution: Blob storage

Did you know you can use InterBase on Azure?

What is InterBase?

InterBase is a high performance, encryptable multi-platform and scalable relational SQL database for developers to embed into their Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android connected applications.

InterBase won the 2015 IoT Award for the Most Innovative Use of Data, with Change Views. A feature that uses InterBase's multigenerational architecture to capture changes to data. It allows you to quickly answer the question, "What data has changed since I last viewed it?"

Webinar on-demand: Deploying InterBase in the cloud

Learn why and how to install, run and manage InterBase in the Cloud. 

How Grey Matter can support you with Azure and Embarcadero

Grey Matter is a software reseller and cloud service provider devoted to developers and technology-led companies and we are proud to work closely with both Microsoft and Embarcadero. 

We are a Microsoft specialist and hold nine Microsoft accreditations at the gold and silver level, and are one of only three partners in the UK, and 45 globally, to be recognised by Microsoft as an ‘Azure Specialist for ISV’. Plus, as a Microsoft Direct and Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), you can choose the Go-To-Market model that best suits you. Wherever you are on your Microsoft journey we can help. From product discovery sessions and licensing advice to implementation and platform monitoring, we have certified experts and engineers on-hand.

As the Embarcadero Master Reseller for UK and Ireland, we can provide you with exclusive discounts on both new licences and renewals, licensing advice on the different versions and editions available, free trials and more. We have a dedicated Embarcadero licensing specialist on hand to support you with any enquiries you have.

With both vendors, we regularly host webinars and events, plus publish numerous blog posts to keep you updated with their latest innovations, best practices and the chance to ask the experts and your fellow peers questions.

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