High-performance, low footprint database.

InterBase is a high performance, encryptable multi-platform and scalable relational SQL database for developers to embed into their Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android connected applications.

There is an InterBase VAR Program available for ISVs, OEM and VARs who want to embed InterBase with their applications with a “silent install” and pay for licences periodically as they are distributed. Volume discounts are possible with this licensing option. Please contact us to see if you’re eligible.


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InterBase Overview

Grey Matter's Robin Ashby interviews Embarcadero's Stephen Ball about the database tool, InterBase. Watch the interview to learn about what it is, who it is for, and some great stories about its use across various industries (and even in space).


  • Cross-platform encryption
  • Separate security login
  • Reduced exposure to risk
  • Role-base user security
  • Encryption


  • Independent operation
  • Near-zero maintenance
  • Rapid crash recovery
  • Disaster recovery


  • Live backups
  • Distinguished data dumps
  • Fast restores
  • Write-ahead logging
  • Point-in-time recovery


  • Fast install
  • Faster data
  • Small footprint (only takes up to 10KB on mobile)


  • Multi-language support
  • Cross-platform support
  • Server data storage
  • Local data storage
  • Single on-disk format


  • Logless replication
  • ChangeViews data tracking
  • Role-based user security
  • Early fetch data deltas
  • Unlimited databases on mobile
  • Compliant

    • ANSI SQL
    • Stored procedures and triggers
    • SQL-based performance monitoring
    • Open standards-based database connectivity
    • Multi-gen architecture/MVCC
    • Event alerts
    • Customisable generators

Deploying InterBase in the Cloud

Watch the video to discover the benefits of deploying InterBase into the Cloud (Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform). Plus, find out how easily you can deploy it.

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