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Microsoft 365 & Acronis

Without third-party backup, sensitive business data in Microsoft 365 is at risk from data loss (e.g., accidental deletions, malware attacks). Data breaches are also a big risk due to the rising attack complexity. 

With Acronis’ cyber protection for Microsoft 365 you can regain control of Microsoft 365 data, protect Microsoft 365 mailboxes against modern threats and close vulnerabilities – while preventing exploitation attempts. It provides protection for data in Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. 

But it doesn’t stop there, as Acronis also provides additional benefits and protection by uniting backup and next-generation, AI-based anti-malware, antivirus, and endpoint protection management all in one solution. A multi-layered approach it the best way to ensure your own or your clients’ organisations are fully protected.

Bing Maps & Visual Studio

Are you wanting to integrate location intelligence into your web or mobile app?  

Visual Studio offers an integrated development environment for targeting any app, any language, any platform. Whether you’re developing for the web, cloud, Windows, mobile or gaming, Visual Studio gives you the power to code faster and work smarter.  

Microsoft has made Bing Maps developer-friendly and, as the visualisation layer, Bing Maps integrates seamlessly across the Microsoft stack. An interactive SDK, code samples, and the suite of APIs makes it easy to build powerful location-based applications and dynamic user experiences for web and mobile apps. 


Azure Maps & Azure IoT

The emphasis in IoT is often on the things themselves: the sensors they contain and how to collect, store and use the data they generate. Maps can help you understand the data from sensors more easily by seeing them in context; they can provide a logical way to organise and manage ontologies and hierarchies of smart devices. 

Location can also be important in modelling and predictive maintenance for gaining insight and making data-driven decisions, whether for asset tracking, logistics and urban mobility management, digital twins, or connected buildings and smart cities. 

That’s why Azure Maps and Azure IoT go hand-in-hand. As the cloud-native location platform for enterprise geospatial services, Azure Maps delivers The Location of Things for Azure IoT. 

Azure & Delphi

Delphi developers can use Azure to establish an SSH Tunnel to easily create a secure remote connection whilst debugging and testing. 

You can move and run Delphi native code in the Azure (rather than rewriting in C#, JavaScript or another language), saving development time and enhancing performance. 

Plus, the Azure function apps feature enables you to go “serverless” and build and manage native event driven services that run on Windows or Linux functions. 

Easily scale up and down with Docker Containers, with instant snapshots available once setup to deal with peak flows and requests that come through. 


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