Scale globally, safeguard your data and promote sustainability with Microsoft’s Cloud

Modernise your IT infrastructure and migrate to Microsoft’s cloud with Grey Matter. Azure lets you scale your business to reach customers and partners where they are while benefitting from industry-leading security. Azure is available across 58 regions, in 140 countries and with up to 1.6bps of bandwidth.

Together, we can drive your business goals forward with technology.

Why Partner with Grey Matter for Azure?

Whether you’re taking your first steps on Azure or you need support expanding your Azure offering, we’re here to support you at every stage of your cloud journey. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with a dedicated team of cloud solutions consultants and decades of experience, we have a track record for success helping SMEs and ISVs to harness the benefits of adopting Azure.

Talk to us if you want to…

• Streamline your current Azure deployment
• Ensure you have the right resources for your migration
• Sell Microsoft services or take your application to market

We’re also a Microsoft Direct and Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). So not only can we supply you with your Azure subscription, we’ll also support you once you’ve migrated, at no extra cost.



New to Azure?

Azure Discovery Workshops
Available as a short discovery session or a full-day workshop, this is the first stage in helping you build out a cloud adoption plan. We’ll assess your current digital estate and identify how it can be translated into Azure. Drawing on our years of experience and best-practice straight from Microsoft.

The result is a comprehensive plan of architecture, including timelines and resource planning.

Azure Migrations
Whether you want to move from an existing Azure provider or are just setting up your first workload in Azure, we can help you migrate your applications and data.

Our certified Azure architects and engineers will become an extension of your team throughout the process. Testing and refining your application on Azure, migrating in stages to avoid common pitfalls, and providing you with comprehensive handover guides. We’ll exponentially accelerate your move to the cloud.

Azure DevOps Migration
Migrate from TFS to Azure DevOps and improve code, team and business performance. Adopting a cloud solution for development and project management has many benefits, higher resilience, lower management costs and instant scalability. Not to mention many others.

Migrating from TFS to Azure DevOps can be complex. For example, ensuring that the history of your projects is retained in the move. Our certified engineers live and breathe Azure DevOps and can provide this service for you.

Already on Azure?

Azure Health Checks
Make the most out of your investment in Microsoft Azure. One of our Cloud Solutions Architects will work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements. They’ll identify the resources you’re utilising and make recommendations based upon Microsoft best practice (and our real-world experience!). They’ll also identify any opportunities to take advantage of efficiencies such as rightsizing and redundant resources.

Step by step, they will:

  • Understand existing deployment and planned platform utilisation, including growth aspirations
  • Perform resource, platform and dependency audits
  • Discover resource usage, sizing and current capacity
  • Identify availability, scaling, automation and resiliency features utilised
  • Report on recommended improvements, best practice, resource and platform changes
  • Provide an Azure certified architect debrief, reviewing report results and recommendations
  • Provide the option of on-going consultancy to implement recommendations and remediate issues
  • Generate a detailed review of Azure Hybrid Licensing and Azure Reservation efficiencies across Azure Virtual Machines, storage and supported PaaS resources

Azure Cost Analysis
Consolidate your Azure licences and make immediate cost savings. Decades of licensing experience, and analytics tools within Azure, enable our team to assess your existing Azure subscription model and recommended changes that will save you money without compromising on levels of service.

One of our customers saved nearly £50,000 a year on Azure after our assessment – one-third of their predicated annual spend. This was after implementing Virtual Machine Reserved instances on our recommendation.

Typical outcomes:

  • Save up to 12%. Moving to Microsoft CSP subscription model from PAYG directly with Microsoft.
  • Save up to 40%. Leveraging Azure Hybrid Benefit to save on Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Save up to 72%. Utilising Azure Reservations to reduce cost for resources like Virtual Machines.
  • Committing to software subscriptions on a fixed-term basis to gain access to Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Expand your knowledge with these helpful resources

Azure 101: Introduction to the basics

In this session we cover the benefits and features of Azure as a starting base. He then goes on to demo: – Azure portal – Resource Groups – Role-based access control – Deploying a web app with Visual Studio – Deploying Azure Kubernetes cluster through Powershell.

Azure Data Services and Migration Tools

In this session we provide an overview of Azure Data Services, showcasing the technical capabilities of Azure assessment and migration tools such as for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.

Rearchitecting for Azure

Adopting the Cloud on its own isn’t enough, you need to know how to harness this enabler to really help you work more quickly and more efficiently at scale. In this session we will go through exactly how you can utilise Azure to achieve your goals faster in a more agile way, to drive business outcomes.

Implementing DevOps with the Microsoft Stack

In this session we show how Microsoft tools enable all parts of DevOps.
Built directly into Azure, Azure DevOps Services is everything you need for your software project. For any language targeting any platform.


Modernising the way you develop

In this session, our experts discuss the reasons for modernising development processes with the cloud. As well as the considerations that you should be making when migrating legacy projects to Azure DevOps.

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