Truck Routing and more Services from Bing Maps

Published: August 23, 2017

Five additional services from Bing Maps are currently in Preview and will soon be available:

Professional truck-routing service: Access this service for long, wide, or heavy vehicles or those transporting hazardous materials. The service factors in speed and bridge restrictions, inclines and other road suitability parameters.

Distance matrix API: Calculate travel times and distances to optimise delivery stops. The API provides histograms of travel times for a time-window with predicted traffic conditions.

Time-specific isochrones: Define the area that can be reached with a given mode of transport and predicted traffic conditions at a given time of day.

Location attractiveness: Determine a score for the attractiveness of a location, based on the number of amenities, proximity to public transport stops and other specified criteria.

Vehicle tracking: Track the vehicles in your fleet with this extensible solution for small to medium sized teams which includes trip detection, geofencing and email notifications.

Read more on the Bing Maps developer blog.

The services are available to preview on the Microsoft Cognitive Services Labs.

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