Bing Maps Autosuggest API release

Published: August 2, 2018

Microsoft has released the Bing Maps Autosuggest API, as the newest addition to the Bing Maps REST services.

The Autosuggest API is used to return a ranked list of suggested entities based on a user’s partial query, and is designed to help developers populate online query forms such as delivery addresses as well as map search bars.

Bing Maps has provided an example on Github of how the Autosuggest API can be used in JavaScript to populate a list of suggested addresses.

Another Autosuggest API use case is for the LinkedIn “Your Commute” feature.

The service can return three possible entity types: Addresses (including roads), points of interest, and businesses. A maximum of ten autosuggested entities can be returned per request, and the returned entities can be delimited by country and culture. The response can be specified for either JSON or XML format.

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