Microsoft Cloud Solution
Provider Program

It’s time to modernise the way you manage and distribute licences.

We are proud to be a Microsoft Direct and Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), recognised by Microsoft as an ‘Azure Specialist for ISV’. We are one of only three partners in the UK and 45 globally to achieve this status!

If you choose us as your Direct, or Indirect, Cloud Solution Provider(CSP), know that you are in safe hands.
Joining the CSP program offers you the flexibility that no other licensing programme can. It has never been easier to manage your entire Microsoft licenced estate whether you’re buying for yourself or selling onto customers. From purchase, to spend tracking, accruing revenue recognition and selling on, it’s all there.

The best part is that you gain an extra team of technical experts without the hiring costs. Our team will become an extension of yours. They will be there to give you technical support, licensing advice and training.

Read about Clue Computing’s successful transition to being an Indirect Reseller.

This is the model for you if you want to resell Azure, Office 365, Visual Studio, Dynamics 365 and Windows/SQL Server subscriptions, directly support your customers and manage isolated tenants for each. You would be permitted to resell the Azure hosting charges directly to your end customers.

The Direct CSP model is for those who want to purchase Microsoft cloud products and solutions – again this includes Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Windows/SQL Server, and Visual Studio subscriptions for your own company’s use. We can help you with licensing and technical support, additional tools, training and workshops.

Sometimes there isn’t a straightforward answer and it’s possible to use both models if they fit how you intend to go to market.

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