Your team’s private platform for data science collaboration

Datalore is a collaborative data science platform for teams. It streamlines insight delivery and helps data science and business teams be more productive together.

Datalore Enterprise 2023.6 has introduced several new features. The most notable feature is the improved UI design with new tool icons and menu layout, sticky table of contents with active section highlighting, and soft-wrapping for text outputs.

Additionally, Datalore Enterprise 2023.6 now offers OAuth authentication for Snowflake and BigQuery, allowing users to export and import database connections in XML-like formats. Other enhancements include proactive starting sessions for each data source when opening the report, lets-plot library support for air-gapped environments, and file repositories for storing Space Packages to speed up project build times and save valuable resources.


Business and Office Tools, Developer, ISV, IT Management, IT Operations Management

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Why Datalore?

Datalore streamlines insight delivery and helps data-driven teams be incredibly productive together.

It brings together:

  • Data science with first-class coding experience for Python, SQL, R, and Scala in Jupyter-compatible notebooks.
  • Modern BI with interactive data apps and easy sharing with stakeholders.
  • Team productivity with live collaboration on notebooks and no-code automation.

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