Multi-Cloud Maturity Assessment

Assess your multi-cloud use

In partnership with VMware and Capametrix, we have a short, 100% FREE multi-cloud maturity assessment that your organisation can use to get an insight into your current multi-cloud position.

The assessment will create a report that will:

  • Provide standards, guidelines, and practices that identify your current Multi-Cloud maturity level.
  • The report will also give you a bespoke (test us, get other people to respond from your team and you will see the results will be different) set of recommended actions that can be deployed now or over time to reduce weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
  • Finally, the report will give you a breakdown of how you fair against all previous anonymised responders so you can benchmark your position against the market.
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Take our free multi-cloud maturity audit today

Our free Multi-Cloud Maturity Audit will only take three minutes to complete. Once you have answered the statements, our team will receive the report and share the insights with you. They will explain the findings to you and suggest the next steps you need to take to improve your organisation's position.

Receive multi-cloud best practices and solutions from our experts

73% of enterprises today use two or more clouds, and a multi-cloud strategy is key to staying competitive.* But to get full value from an architecture that spans on-premises, public clouds, and the edge, you need a partner that has lots of knowledge and experience, one you can trust.

For many, a multi-cloud strategy also means siloed operations, increased costs, and trade-offs between developer velocity and IT control.

Our team will run through the in-depth report with you to explain the findings, next steps and discuss any other queries you may have. We can help you make sure you make the most out of your software and cloud investments, and demystify anything that is too complex.

With VMware, there are no trade-offs. they make multi-cloud easy with a family of multi-cloud services designed to build, run, manage and secure any app on any cloud. As a VMware partner, we can help you get the right services in place.

Plus, Grey Matter can also help you with the following:

  • Microsoft Azure licensing technical support from our accredited cloud specialists
  • Azure health check, design and monitoring services to ensure you are making the most out of Azure, optimising the platform and saving costs
  • AWS licensing for those that don't wish to use Azure
  • Ensure your infrastructure is fully secure with advice, licensing, discounts and support from our accredited cyber security experts
  • Hybrid solutions for those that wish to benefit from both cloud and on-premises solutions
  • A vast catalogue of software solutions with leading and niche vendors so you have all the solutions you need, from one place, easing procurement processes

*. VMware FY22 H2 Benchmark, August 2021; N=557 Enterprise (5,000+ employee) Technology Decision Makers

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