Cloud backup, archiving and recovery

Dropsuite is a cloud software platform that enables organisations to easily backup, recover and protect important business information. Dropsuite’s commitment to advanced, secure and scalable cloud technologies keeps them at the forefront of the industry and makes them a popular choice by IT Administrators and Service Providers globally.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Why do you need Microsoft 365 backup?

Human error is a leading cause of cyber security breaches – from opening harmful emails to accidental deletion. Plus, Microsoft 365 only saves deleted emails in the recycle bin for 90 days, it’s a risky approach to use the recycle bin as a temporary data backup repository. Furthermore, in the event of an outage, Microsoft does not guarantee the retrieval of data that has been lost. This is where Dropsuite comes in.

Protect your Microsoft 365 data

Dropsuite’s Microsoft 365 Backup is a simple and powerful solution that automatically protects your most important Microsoft 365 data in the cloud and restores any file on demand.

Dropsuite also restores, migrates and downloads shared mailboxes, restores and downloads public folders, and backs up OneNote onto SharePoint for users and Teams. Benefit from automated backups that you can schedule throughout the day.

Email Backup and Archiving

Dropsuite’s Email Archiving solution helps organisations efficiently store, safeguard, manage and discover data from most email systems through Journaling.

Archiving and compliance

eDiscovery, Retention and Legal Hold policies and Compliance Review are just a few items that make Dropsuite’s Email Archiving a strong tool for your archiving and compliance needs. Email Archiving Legal Hold ensures the integrity of your email data, and unlimited storage and retention give you confidence the data you need is available when you need it. Dropsuite uses TLS 1.2 and AES256 cyphers to protect your data and monitors data centres constantly to provide the highest security standard for your data.

Robust email backup

Dropsuite’s archiving solutions are built on top of their Email Backup solution, providing a robust set of business continuity tools including powerful advanced search, end-user access and Insights BI. All in an easy-to-use, single pane of glass integrated interface.

Dropsuite Email Backup has a user-friendly interface and includes features like granular restore, military-grade AES encryption and automated and incremental backups.

Why Grey Matter?

Grey Matter has been in the software industry providing security and backup licensing for many years. As a Microsoft 365 reseller, service provider and user, Grey Matter recognises the importance of keeping that data as secure and recoverable as possible from accidental or purposeful threats. Therefore, we use Dropsuite to back up our Microsoft Teams data.

We have a dedicated security software specialist who has an in-depth understanding of how this software is licensed and can provide expert advice on how you can protect and secure your organisation’s data.

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