Heimdal Threat Prevention

Heimdal Threat Prevention

DNS security solution

Take full control of your DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS communications, through unique ML-computed Threat Intelligence that empowers you to move the needle from traditional antivirus threat detection to a prevent-hunt posture. Capitalise on your threat-hunting potential with Threat-to-Process correlation for advanced malware processes and compromised users’ discovery. Gain unprecedented control over what happens inside and outside your corporate network, eliminating the need to rely on lacklustre threat analysis software or hire additional security analysts.


Network and Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response

Use the world’s most advanced DNS product to Hunt advanced threats, infected users, and processes.

Future protection

Anticipate tomorrow’s threats with our AI-driven Neural Network Predictive DNS security.

Network log agent included for infection tracing

Total confidence for administrators and unrestrained creativity and secure Internet browsing for all users, on-site or remote – Heimdal™ Threat Prevention scans your users’ traffic in real-time, blocking infected domains and preventing communication to cybercriminal infrastructures with minimal system footprint.


Cyber Security

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One user-friendly and silent solution to fit all your enterprise threat hunting needs or compliance requirements. Unified control centre, with full visibility over your threat status. Complete endpoint and IoT

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention is compatible and adds to any Antivirus or Firewall, and can be combined with more Heimdal products to deliver an authentic Endpoint Prevention, Detection, and Response solution. In one agent and one platform.

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