Download Barracuda’s Ransomware Checklist White Paper

Published: February 8, 2017

Ransomware is a threat on the top of many people’s mind, especially as it is occurring more and more to any company of any size; it is hitting the headlines. When attacked by ransomware you get a message on your screen saying you’re locked out of your files, and in order to have access to them you must pay a costly ransom.

Protecting yourself from ransomware requires a multi-layered defence to block ransomware from all attack surfaces – email, your website, user web browsers and any device attached to your network. Users must be educated about how to detect suspicious emails and activity. You need a comprehensive backup strategy to protect data from any attacks that passed your first lines of defence.

Read Barracuda’s 10 Ways to Stay Safe Against Ransomware and Other Advanced Threats white paper to improve your strategy and to avoid being victim to a ransomware attack.

Download the white paper here.

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