Multi-Itinerary Optimization (MIO) API

Multi-Itinerary Optimization (MIO) API

The MIO API is powerful routing API that automates the process of building itineraries for multiple agents and optimises their routes across multiple destinations. If you are building a multi-stop/multi-route application, Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization (MIO) API supports up to 200 agents and 2000 waypoints, and calculates route optimisation for multiple agents, shifts, routes, traffic conditions, service time windows, and more, to save travel time and fuel costs.


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Why Bing Maps MIO API?

Automate itineraries for multiple agents and optimise all their routes

Whether you have a fleet of drivers, a mobile salesforce, or a team of personnel in the field, effectively planning and optimising routes is a high priority.

The MIO API takes away the time-consuming manual itinerary management by automating the scheduling process and optimising routes across multiple destinations for multiple agents.

You can calculate travel time and distances, with the ability to factor in predictive traffic, location changes, or an increase in stops along a route.

Multiple Agents: Supports up to 200 agents and 2000 waypoints

Optimise Routes: Minimise travel time and distance for all agents

Predictive Traffic: Determine best day and time with historical traffic

Customise Parameters: Input your preferences to reduce travel time or distance

Increased Accuracy: Calculates route with actual road distance

Bing Maps MIO API Use Cases

An itinerary builder that can handle a wide range of scenarios, like multi-day route planning, multiple agents with multiple shifts, service time windows, priority and dwell time.

Include predictive traffic in route optimisation with a histogram of travel times in a particular time window, taking into account predicted traffic at those times.

Get more accurate results by using actual road distance to calculate a route rather than a straight line between any two locations.

Choose between actual road network information or a constant radius and travel speed to calculate distances and travel times between the itinerary locations.

  • Field services: route the closest technician to the client for service.
  • Retail and restaurants: optimise delivery from distribution centres to retail locations or from restaurants to customers.
  • Asset tracking: track daily routes of technicians visiting customer locations.
  • Route planning: optimise routing for multiple vehicles with multiple stops throughout the day.
  • Despatch operations: automate the process of building itineraries for multiple agents while also optimising the routes among all agents to save travel time and distance.

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