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Security Explorer

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Security Explorer

Published By:  Quest Software International

Interactive management of access controls and security on file servers and workstations

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Security Explorer simplifies the management of NTFS file and folder security, file shares, services, printer access, registry security and scheduled tasks, ensuring that access to privileged information is restricted on Windows servers and workstations, and playing a key role in standardizing security management across the entire Windows network.

  • Multi-Threaded Architecture
  • Instant Access to Security and Permissions
  • Comprehensive Security Management
  • Performance-minded Management
  • Outlook-style Look and Feel
  • Integrated with Windows Explorer
  • Backup and Restore Permissions
  • Permission Searches
  • Export Security Settings in Multiple Formats
  • Administrative Override
  • Assign Ownership
  • Command Line Management
  • Better Client Support
  • FREE 'Workstation mode

Multi-Threaded Architecture
Administrator productivity increases dramatically with version 5 as long operations now take place in separate windows, allowing administrators to perform multiple functions simultaneously and carry on working while those operations continue in the background.

Instant Access to Security and Permissions
No more navigating through files, folders and registry keys selecting Properties and trying to find the Advanced button to see a complete security list! Security Explorer's interface allows for easy navigation of files, folders, registry keys, shares and printers, and instantly shows both assigned and inherited permissions.

Comprehensive Security Management
Security Explorer lists the current security settings, and allows full granting, revoking and modifying of permissions on NTFS volumes, the registry, file shares, printers, services and tasks as well as cloning permissions between accounts for AD and NT4 migrations.

Performance-minded Management
Local caching of permissions matched with the ability to cancel the retrieval of permissions (in the case of large folder structures, etc) allow more time to manage and less time waiting on returning results.

Outlook-style Look and Feel
Security Explorer now has an updated look, and a more powerful and flexible interface.

Integrated with Windows Explorer
Many Security Explorer functions are integrated into the right-click menu in Windows Explorer. Additionally, more Windows Explorer functions are now available within Security Explorer, which means much less switching between windows.

Backup and Restore Permissions
Recovery from accidental changes to security settings has never been easier! Security Explorer can backup complete sets of permissions for files and folders, without having to backup the data they contain. Security Explorer can also capture permissions for registry keys, shares and printers. Administrators can then select any combination of files, folders, registry keys, printers and shares to recover those permissions, without affecting the underlying data or resources.

Permission Searches
Find security weaknesses and over-privileged users as Security Explorer lets administrators search for specific assignments to all types of user and group, including permissions received through group memberships and inheritance, or where a user or group does not have a specific permission.

Export Security Settings in Multiple Formats
Security Explorer can export a database or spreadsheet listing the permissions on files or folders anywhere in the directory tree.

Administrative Override
No more 'Access Denied' when setting permissions! Security Explorer can instantly modify the security settings of file and folders that administrators would normally have to change to go through multiple steps to access.

Assign Ownership
Administrators can use Security Explorer to assign ownership to files and folders without the need for the Take Ownership right.

Command Line Management
Security Explorer has a full command line interface so you can script and schedule permission management.

Better Client Support
Security Explorer can manage servers and desktops enterprise-wide from any Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista machine.

FREE 'Workstation' mode
Security Explorer can be installed in 'Workstation' mode on your XP or Vista desktop and manage local security.
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