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Data protection for physical, virtual and application environments

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The NetVault data protection solution simplifies data protection across physical or virtual environments and applications, helping you to easily achieve your backup and recovery SLAs, get faster return on investment and reduce the total cost of ownership for data protection.

NetVault Backup

NetVault Backup provides cross-platform backup and recovery capabilities for physical and virtual environments. NetVault Backup supports dozens of servers and application platforms and, with its intuitive user interface, requires minimal experience to operate.
  • Virtualisation support - Extend advanced data protection to VMware and Hyper-V environments. NetVault Backup gives you consistent, reliable, point-and-click backup and restore for virtual environments without requiring you to be an expert.
  • Application protection - Ensure availability of business-critical applications such as Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Domino, Informix and Sybase with application plug-ins.
  • Disk-based backup and deduplication - Leverage disk-based backups for failover and disaster recovery. NetVault Backup integrates seamlessly with NetVault SmartDisk, a software-based data deduplication solution. Its patented byte-level, variable block deduplication engine reduces data storage footprints by up to 90%.
  • NDMP support - NetVault Backup offers advanced data protection for information stored in Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices running NDMP. It maximises data transfer over the network while maintaining centralised backup administration, providing fast, online data backup.
  • Enterprise-wide control - Give backup administrators the flexibility to define, manage and monitor jobs from remote locations of their choice.
  • Strong security - Meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing backup windows or deduplication performance with support for CAST-128, AES-256 or CAST-256 encryption. Flexible job-level encryption lets you easily select which data to encrypt.
  • LAN-free backups - Create a LAN-free backup environment to support writing backup data directly to local and SAN-attached storage devices.
  • Dynamically shared device - Share stand-alone and library-based tape drives among backup servers and NetVault SmartClients in SAN or shared-SCSI environments.
  • Simple, straightforward licensing - NetVault Backup can be licensed by capacity or by component, giving customers incredible flexibility to choose the model that best meets their needs - now and into the future.
  • Flexible storage attachment - Attach storage wherever you like with the built-in NetVault SmartClient.

NetVault FastRecover

NetVault FastRecover provides continuous data protection (CDP) for application data and can deliver near instant recovery after a problem. NetVault FastRecover supports Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file-system data.
  • Instant recovery - Patented FlashRestore technology makes Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file system data available for use in seconds. Plus, recovered data is completely accessible upon the first recovery.
  • Enhance existing backup practices - FastRecover offers real-time backup, instant recovery and allows you to export and back up its datasets to tape for long-term retention.
  • Enhance protection for remote offices - Bandwidth-friendly replication in NetVault FastRecover supports remote or branch office (ROBO) disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Real-time backup to eliminate backup windows - Eliminate backup windows for critical data with disk-based protection for your Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file system data.
  • Granular recovery for mission-critical applications - Recover individual email messages and attachments when you pair NetVault FastRecover with Recovery Manager for Exchange. SharePoint users can restore individual documents, as well as entire lists, libraries, sites and the farm using Recovery Manager for SharePoint.

NetVault SmartDisk

NetVault SmartDisk delivers disk-to-disk backup and data deduplication to free up storage space and reduce storage costs. It offers powerful, byte-level, variable-block deduplication and advanced data compression for your NetVault Backup and vRanger backups.
  • Efficient disk-based backup and duplication - Powerful byte-level, variable block-based deduplication packs up to 12 times more protected data into the same storage area.
  • Rapid deployment - Integrates seamlessly with NetVault Backup and vRanger, creating a single solution that is easy to deploy and easy to manage.
  • Deployment of multiple instances - Distribute network, disk and deduplication resources and improve load balancing and performance.
  • Shared storage support - Consolidate storage for all of your physical and virtual backups.
  • Data movement support - Use NetVault Backup to move data from one SmartDisk instance to another instance, or to VTL and tape devices to place redundant backups in off-site locations for failover and disaster recovery.
  • Fast restores - Minimise downtime with shorter Recovery Time Objectives and enjoy the freedom to focus on other critical tasks.

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery is a data recovery solution for quickly getting servers up-and-running after a failure - even if the environment has no functioning operating system. With bare metal restore you can ensure you meet aggressive recovery time objections and SLAs because automation eliminates much of the manual intervention and guesswork.
  • Rapid recovery - Minimises downtime and ensures user productivity by dramatically reducing the time required to recover a failed production server, from what can easily consume an entire day to just a fraction of that time.
  • Deep-level protection - Safeguards operating systems, network and system settings, application binaries, disk partitions, and data ¿ down to the partition level for retaining exactly what¿s needed to ensure a successful rebuild.
  • Online and offline backups - Lets you choose between online backups (so a protected system can remain online and available to your users), and offline block-level backups.
  • VaultOS recovery - Allows you to use a minimal operating system or LiveCD to recover a disk that has no functional operating system, ensuring access to data.
  • Automated value input - Manages the recovery steps for you automatically, entering values in the correct order the first time to eliminate guesswork or risks, maintain current change or modified server configurations, and minimises user impact.
  • Seamless integration with other backup devices - Leverages NetVault Backup for automatic integration with a wide range of backup devices to regularly capture critical system settings store bare metal recovery images off site; can also be combined with NetVault FastRecover and NetVault Backup to deliver complete data protection.

NetVault Replicator

NetVault Replicator is a data replication software solution offering simplified, cross-platform replication for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X file-system data. By capturing byte-level changes at the source and efficiently replicating those changes to one or many destinations, NetVault Replicator dramatically simplifies disaster recovery planning, remote office data protection and data synchronisation.
  • Unique Hybrid Replication - This technology leverages the security and write-order fidelity of synchronous data capture and journaling ¿ coupled with the significant performance benefits of asynchronous data transfer. This allows you to deliver the level of protection dictated by business requirements ¿ without the degradation in application and network performance that causes your phone to ring off of the hook.
  • Flexible, Easy Integration - NetVault Replicator is hardware-agnostic so it works with your existing servers, storage appliances and networks. Identical configurations are not required at the source and destination. Qualified in DAS, NAS and SAN environments, NetVault Replicator can be configured for bi-directional one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one replication. And support for cross-platform replication makes data migration initiatives much easier to manage.
  • Supports High Availability Requirements - With a built-in two node failover capability, Quest NetVault Replicator supports high availability requirements with tight integration with popular cluster management systems such as Veritas Cluster Suite, Heartbeat and RedHat Cluster Suite.
  • Configurable Replication - With configurable replication of multiple, parallel data streams and bandwidth throttling, you control the how many network resources your replication will consume at any time. Adaptive compression adjusts automatically based on the content of data. Plus, encryption enables you to secure sensitive data while traveling over networks.
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