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Migration Manager

Published By:  Quest Software International

Empowering you to migrate and restructure efficiently

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Migration Manager for Active Directory
Empowering you to migrate efficiently and restructure your Active Directory, Award winning Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory ensures coexistence between migrated and un-migrated users. Migration Manager simplifies migration processes and integrates workflow - from pre-migration analysis through setup, object migration, resource updating and post-migration cleanup. Whether your organization is creating directories to meet specific security regulations or undergoing an acquisition or merger, Migration Manager provides the features necessary to meet your evolving needs. Giving you the highest level of security, this innovative solution delivers enterprise-wide advantages and benefits.

Migration Manager for Exchange
Quest Migration Manager for Exchange empowers you to restructure or consolidate your Exchange 2000/2003/2007 organization with confidence. By synchronizing Active Directory and Exchange data, including public folders, calendar information and mailbox data, Migration Manager delivers true coexistence.

In addition, Migration Manager for Exchange:

Automatically updates your users¿ Outlook profiles
Gives you complete control over your migration with a centralized console
Secures your migration process
Prevents errors and ensures that administration resources are used where most effective
Reduces migration costs and timelines

Migration Manager for SharePoint
Quest Migration Manager for SharePoint provides a reliable solution to reorganize, deploy, consolidate and migrate SharePoint content.

Migration Manager for SharePoint
Reorganize SharePoint 2007 site structure to streamline information access, optimize content storage and enhance recovery time objectives
Consolidate SharePoint content from scattered WSS 3.0 or MOSS installations to a central managed location
Migrate and consolidate SharePoint 2003 content to SharePoint 2007 running on new hardware
Configure and monitor content migration tasks remotely from a web browser (all major browsers supported)
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