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Preserve, control and discover email

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Quest Archive Manager is email archiving software that captures, retains, preserves and searches for email. Archive Manager captures a single instance of each email message, applies granular retention and disposition policies and provides advanced search, ensuring efficient Exchange email archiving.

  • FastDeploy - Deploy Archive Manager in just a few days; there¿s no need to install software on user desktops or on email servers.
  • ZeroIMPACT - Capture and index new and historical messaging data transparently to end users. Reduced storage volume means that users no longer worry about mailbox quotas, and you get fewer help desk calls.
  • BuiltRight - Store single-instance attachments separately from message body and metadata. This dramatically reduces long-term storage needs, as well as the need to maintain the performance of your email servers.
  • KeepSmart - Keep only the messaging data you need using flexible retention rules. This helps you achieve compliance with regulatory mandates, and ensures that email will be available when needed.
  • DiscoverySearch - Retrieve messaging data quickly to satisfy legal requests. Tagging data for categorisation or later review ensures that only relevant messaging data is exported for further analysis and presentation, accelerating the discovery process. Messaging data can be exported in bulk to PST, EML and MSG formats or to a production Exchange mailbox, including the Exchange archive mailbox, while maintaining the folder structure.
  • AccessAnywhere - Access archived messaging data seamlessly, even offline or from a mobile device.
  • BusinessConnect - Integrate with external systems using the Web Services API to share data with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.
  • SingleStore - Eliminate the need for multiple archiving systems. Product supports Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise and selected SMTP servers all from a single console.
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