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MindManager 2019 For Windows

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MindManager 2019 For Windows

Published By:  Mindjet

Industry-leading mind mapping and visualisation software * Create beautiful interactive maps, charts and diagrams * Process and organize information more effectively * Bring structure and clarity to plans and projects * See the big picture and litt

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Uncover hidden possibilities — Unleash productivity — Unite ideas, data and teams

Transcend the limits on what you can see, create, communicate and achieve in your work and business with MindManager 2019.

The most robust, customizable information visualization software available, it empowers you to uncover hidden possibilities, unite information and teams, and unleash productivity to do great work faster than ever.

Deliver meaning and impact to presentations and plans, with expanded shape options, simplified design tools and beautiful themes. See and show information exactly the way you need to, with new views and enhanced filtering. Drive faster processes and workflows with next-level automation, and so much more.

MindManager 2019 helps you create the right map for every project, audience and purpose … and with the right map, you can go anywhere.

  • SmartRules™ – Drive and accelerate processes and workflows by automating critical tasks and updates. Write rules that change topic data including icons, tags, properties, progress and priority, based on specific triggers.
  • Objects and Smart Shapes – Enrich, clarify and expand map content with 12 new shapes. Visuallly define processes, illustrate concepts and more to provide understanding and drive consensus
  • Tag View – Gives you a clear picture of a project’s overall progress towards completion, and where each individual task is in the process. See and update tasks in a Kanban-style view, instantly identify backlogs and bottleneck, and define new workflow processes.
  • Icon View – Evolved Priority View that includes all 500+ icons and enhanced view with more flexible sorting and organizing options. See, show and sort the exact information you need, when you need it.
  • HTML5 Export & Publish Filtering – Improve communication and collaboration by making shared maps easier to navigate, understand and respond to. Filter exported maps based on icons, tags, resources and saved Power Filter queries, or link directly to topics to visually guide recipients through your map.
  • And much more!
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