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Powerful web based issue tracker with comprehensive keyboard shortcut support, an extensive search query language, advanced customisation capabilities and more.

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New Features
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YouTrack is a web based issue tracker that accepts a command-line like syntax for searching for, and updating, issues. With its simple to use interface and support for a wide range of keyboard shortcuts, users can search for and add issues quickly. The powerful search query syntax can return practically any combination of issues, for example to search for all critical issues assigned to an individual you would type 'for: (assignee) priority: critical' or for all issues you added today: '#my #issues created: today'. YouTrack issues themselves can hold a variety of data, custom attributes and tags, support user comments, user voting and more. Deployable as a JAR, EXE or WAR file, YouTrack can be run as a standalone Java process or on a range of Java application servers including Apache Tomcat 6+, Apache Geronimo, Mortbay Jetty, Caucho Resin, Glassfish and JBoss 4+.

Key Highlights:
  • Custom Project Templates
  • Clone Project
  • Timesheet Report
  • Search by User Mentions

Key Features

  • Enhanced Agile Board
  • Gantt Chart
  • Enhanced Backlog management
  • Real-time updates
  • Project templates
  • Mutliple shareable Dashboards
  • SAML support
  • Password Strength policy
  • Permission management
  • Delete user profiles
  • Issue link preview in messages
  • Japanese localisation
  • Estimation report
  • Sort by relevance in Search Results
  • Support for workflows
  • Date and Time Custom Fields
  • Experimental features

Other Features

Introducing the live Dashboard with all the information you need to drive your development process, plus 17 brand new reports to help you analyse and monitor your team tasks and progress.

Live Dashboard

Stay on top of the top of your project and team activities with the brand new live Dashboard. Add various widgets to your Dashboard, such as reports, top issues and quick notes, and drag them around to organise everything just the way you want!

Tons of New Reports

Track, manage and analyse your projects and teams activities more effectively with 17 new reports. The reports come in four different types: Issue Distribution, Timeline Reports, Time Management, and State Transition. Each type of report provides a unique slice of your projects, tasks and issues data. Share your reports with your team or the whole company. Clone any report to tweak it or create a similar one.
  • Timeline Reports - Create Timeline reports to track dynamic changes in your projects and issues during a certain time period. Resolution time and Average issue age reports will help you track your progress over time.
  • Issue Distribution Reports - Use Issue Distribution reports to get an idea of how your issues are distributed by projects, assignees, priority, states and subsystems, fix versions and so on.
  • Time Report - Time report shows the total time your team spent on different activities during some iteration, and compares it with the original estimation.
  • State Transition Reports - Track changes between particular states with State Transition reports. For example, you can create a report that shows how many issues have been Verified or Reopened this month.

More New Features
  • AND in Search Queries - You can now use the AND operator to search for several values within a single field or attribute. You can also use parentheses in search queries to combine multiple search expressions. For example, search for multiple tags: tag today and tag test
  • Multiple Drafts - Create and manage as many drafts as you want! Your list of drafts is available from the New Issue form. Simply select the one that you want to report this time. You can also edit several drafts simultaneously.
  • Customisable Shortcuts - Now you can customise the list of YouTrack shortcuts both for the Issues List and Agile Board. This can be vital if your system shortcuts conflict with those used in YouTrack. Shortcuts customization is available on the server level.
  • New Image Editor - We’ve replaced the old screenshot applet with a built-in Image Editor. Take a screenshot, upload it into the Image Editor and tweak it on the spot: crop, add highlights, add text, or blur any areas that you don’t want others to see.
  • Redesigned User Management - We have completely reworked and redesigned user management in YouTrack. With the new way of managing users, groups and permissions, as well as an enhanced authorisation module, you will be able to configure and manage everything easier and faster.
  • Redesigned Full Issue Screen - To improve your user experience and save you more time, we’ve re-thought the way you work with issue details, plus we’ve fine-tuned issue details presentation.

Create issues

  • Create and edit issues in the issue area. Specify a project, description, summary, priority and other attributes.
  • Built-in screenshot applet to capture and modify any area of your screen.
  • Create issues directly from emails
  • Tag issues with keywords, link to other issues or attach files.
  • Use a wiki-like markup language to format your issues and code appropriately.

Search for issues
  • Single search box to find any combination of issues. The search box supports query completion and highlighting, recent searches, saved searches and tags.
  • Search queries let you use numerous keywords to search for issues such as 'state: unresolved' to find all unresolved issues, and 'assigned to: assignee' to find all issues assigned to a particular individual.
  • Query completion and highlighting (invoked automatically) makes searching even faster.
  • Your 10 most recent searches drop down so you can easily repeat them
  • After searching, a list of filters are displayed to drill down into a selection of issues (e.g. sort by when last updated)
  • Support for OpenSearch technology - type your search query right in the address bar.

Navigate through issues
  • Complete lists of issues can easily be displayed in multiple views and can be controlled through keyboard shortcuts
  • Full issue view mode displays all the details about said issue including comments, tags, history of changes, users who voted for the issue, users who are watching the issue, and more.
  • Sort issues in two different ways

Organise issues
  • Tags - create any number of tags and add them to issues. Colour tags and share tags, that is, control who can view the tag and who can add issues to it. Tags are the perfect way of organising issues, for example mark issues as 'urgent fixes' and apply to any issues as required. All urgent fixes can then easily be found and viewed.
  • Link issues by dependency (e.g. 'relates to', 'depends on' and 'duplicates') and create links for multiple issues simultaneously.
  • Use Matrix Reports to compare a group of issues and two of their variable attributes along two axes.
  • Use saved searches which save a search query for future use

User control
  • Users can login using their OpenID from Google, Yahoo, AOL or Blogger.com, their existing JIRA credentials if migrating from JIRA, or from a LDAP service
  • Enable user commenting of issues
  • Enable user voting for issues
  • Enable user watching of issues with issue status updates via jabber or e-mail and optionally receive notifications when events relating to the issue change (e.g. when someone opens your issue for the first time)
  • Share and save searches and tags

  • Runs out-of-the-box . The embedded database engine requires no installation or configuration on your part.
  • The Administration Area enables configuration of permissions, roles, groups, users, projects, LDAP, OpenID, text indexing and enables you to schedule and run database backups.
  • Custom attributes enable you to define your own states, types, priorities etc.
  • Customisable workflow is a set of rules that can be attached to a project to define the life-cycle of the project's issues.
  • Integration with JetBrains JIRA - import your JIRA projects and bugs into YouTrack. Additionally import groups, roles and group memberships meaning that your users will be able to log into YouTrack with their existing JIRA credentials.
  • Integration with JetBrains TeamCity - Sync changes between TeamCity and YouTrack. E.G. If a comment submitted with a TeamCity change contains an issue ID, the issue can be automatically marked as fixed and the Fixed in build attribute is filled with a corresponding build number.

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