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Powerful IDE for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP Web development

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PhpStorm brings improvements in PHP language support, editing experience, debugging, code analysis, and many other powerful features.

PHP 7 Support: PhpStorm 10 provides extended PHP 7 support, including PHP 7 compatibility inspections.

In-place rename refactoring: When doing refactoring in PhpStorm, you can rename a variable, parameter, class, method, constant or goto label in-place, right in the editor.

Interactive debug console for PHP (REPL): This brand new feature of PhpStorm allows you to alter variables, call PHP functions, and define additional functions – all on the fly.

Dataflow analysis: PhpStorm provides Dataflow Analysis features to help you better understand your project's code, interpret complicated parts of code, find bottlenecks in the source code, and more.

PHPUnit 5 support: PhpStorm supports all the new features and improvements in the recently released PHPUnit 5, the most widely used testing framework in PHP.
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