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Adobe Stock

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Access millions of graphics, photos and images – right inside the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

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Be more productive and add assets to your projects without leaving your Creative Cloud apps like Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC. Easily convert watermarked assets to licensed assets as you and your team work. Adobe Stock has an extensive collection of graphics, photos and images, so you and your team are able to easily find the right one for your creative project, whatever the focus. Everyone on your team can license and share images from the same Adobe Stock subscription. You can instantly access the assets across desktop and mobile, plus each licensed image can be used by up to ten team members at no extra cost. Purchase, manage, and renew your subscription through the same Admin Console that you already use to manage Creative Cloud for teams. With the ten images per month plan, your team can even roll over unused images for up to a year.

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