Webinar: software security for developers and investors

How secure is your software? How to know you’re making the right investment.

In order to meet business demands, teams and developers are increasingly leveraging third party open source components, libraries and packages to build software. As early as 2015, Gartner were reporting that 95% of organisations were making use of open source as a key part of their IT strategy.

Recently, Security Boulevard identified that around half of developer knowingly ship software containing older or unpatched components, but a key factor in this has to be the time pressures to which developers are subjected. In Flexera’s Vulnerability Review 2018, it is highlighted that “many organizations still don’t have processes and procedures in place to reduce the number of system vulnerabilities”, and that this has a huge impact on businesses’ productivity in the short-term, and ability to deal with future breaches effectively in the long-term.

Vulnerabilities in code or unprotected Intellectual Property will have a huge impact on publishers’ reputations, credibility and ability to seek investment or sell. Likewise, those looking to purchase software, or invest in it, need to be more cautious to avoid the decrease in the value of a product. Time should be invested in ensuring the right policies are in place and the right precautions taken by both developers and investors.

We’ll tell you how in this webinar.

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This webinar is for both ends of the supply chain, those developing and those investing in and buying software

In this webinar we cover:

  • What undermines the value of a software company and how to mitigate the risks.
  • The GDPR and legal risks associated with vulnerabilities in open source components.
  • Why you should think beyond the solution and towards the software supply chain.
  • How to use software composition analysis to help you identify vulnerabilities before it’s too late.

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Ben Gilbert – Senior Account Manager, Grey Matter
Paul McAdam – Director, Source Code Control