Data classification and security tools 

Titus provides solutions that help organisations meet their data identification, classification and protection needs. Millions of users across 120 countries use Titus solutions, including top military, government and Fortune 100 organisations. 

Data classification is the foundation of data security. This suite of products informs you about what information should be secured and how to handle it, which is crucial for data protection policies.

Manage and protect your data with flexible, customisable classification metadata schema. Give your data context so people and systems understand how to handle the information.

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Identify and protect data at rest.

Vast amounts of data is stored on file shares, network drives, and cloud services – “just in case,” and much of this data holds no business value. Data that is redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) can lead to legal risks or compliance violations.

Illuminate scans locations where you store data, including on-premise shares, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online. It examines and automatically classifies the files it discovers, ensuring appropriate data protection is applied. As it scans files, Illuminate gathers extensive information about each file, building a data inventory for you to run analytics to identify risk areas.


Titus Accelerator for Privacy can help you find personally identifiable information (PII) within unstructured data and can offer suggestions for, or even automatically determine its categorisation.

Whether you have a robust privacy program in place or not, Titus Accelerator for Privacy optimises privacy, decreasing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Titus Data Identification is a virtually frictionless, cloud-based email data protection solution that uses the multi-pronged Titus Data Detection Engine and pre-configured cloud-based libraries to help you evaluate data in context and accurately identify sensitive data – before users send it to unauthorised recipients.

As humans will continue to make mistakes, it’s important to implement automated, intelligent, real-time tools that can prevent costly mistakes from ever happening.


Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru combines data classification and encryption into a single solution to facilitate secure collaboration that works the way users do – across platforms and devices whether on-premise, in the cloud or within hybrid environments.

Protect sensitive data in emails and files by enforcing policy standards that travel with the data no matter how or where the data is shared.

Apply access controls to identify and secure emails and files in the cloud and meet mandatory compliance standards.

Extend and scale your data protection ecosystem by simply connecting Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru to other solutions within your organisation for cross-platform data sharing.

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