Application shielding and security 

When it comes to application security threats, intellectual property theft is just the beginning – apps are also gateways to trade secret theft, customer/user data theft, and to identifying further attack vectors. Breaches in any of these areas can badly damage revenue, reputation, and brand.  

PreEmptive Solutions combines cost-effectiveness, convenience, and functionality by helping you protect and secure your apps in a smarter way. Their layered application hardening and shielding is directly infused into your .NET, Java, Android and iOS applications so there is no need for an agent, or changes to your end user’s computer, device or network. PreEmptive Solutions helps you manage application risks and comply with regulations.

PreEmptive has four solutions: Dotfuscator for .NET, DashO for Android and Java, JSDefender for JavaScript and PreEmptive Protection for iOS.

What do the solutions do?

The solutions have many layers of protection: multiple forms of obfuscation (renaming, string encryption, control flow, and more) plus active runtime checks (tamper, debug, root, and more). These layers are designed and tested to ensure that they won’t break your app as the runtime platform evolves.

PreEmptive Solutions constantly monitor the tools that attackers use and update the protection to counter their changes. Attacking an app with these layered protections becomes nearly impossible – each time an attacker tries to attack one layer of the protection, another layer is there, stopping them.


A .NET obfuscation and in-app protection solution.

Dotfuscator supports almost every .NET platform available, including all the newest platforms like Xamarin, .NET Core and build environments like Azure DevOps. Whether you’re protecting a mature app that’s facing new risks, or a new app that you haven’t released yet, Dotfuscator has you covered.


Renaming | Control Flow | String Encryption | Watermarking | Pruning | Linking | Tamper Detection & Defense | Debug Detection & Defense | Shelf Life | Root Check for Xamarin.Android

Datasheet | Case study | Video


An Android and Java obfuscation and in-app protection solution.

DashO supports most legacy and modern Java platforms – including Android, Java 11, and Spring. Whether you’re protecting a mature app that’s facing new risks or a new app that you haven’t released yet, DashO has you covered.


Renaming | Control Flow | String Encryption | Resource Encryption | Watermarking | Removal | Tamper Detection & Defence | Debug Detection & Defence Using Checks | Root Check for Android | Emulator Check for Android | Hooking Check for Android | Shelf Life

Datasheet | Video


A JavaScript obfuscation and in-application solution.

JSDefender supports major JavaScript frameworks, runtimes, and bundlers including Angular, Node, React, React Native, Webpack and others.

PreEmptive Protection for iOS

Open source iOS obfuscation and code protection for all Objective-C iOS applications.

PreEmptive Protection for iOS supports apps developed for iOS 10 – 13 and iPadOS 13, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that use Xcode 10 or 11, or Objective-C.

PreEmptive offers commercial support for PPiOS provided you have licensed one of the other products – Dotfuscator or DashO. With PPiOS support, you gain access to the live team.

Ease of use and technical support

Protecting your app is easy and does not require consultants. Make your protected build within minutes in any environment with the help of useful resources. But if you do ever need technical support, their engineers can help – from simple configuration issues that are quickly resolved to deep runtime bugs that can be escalated to vendors and make workarounds for.

Why Grey Matter?

Grey Matter is honoured to be a PreEmptive Solutions reseller. We can support you with licensing and advice. Developer tools are one of our specialities as we have been supporting the needs of our developer community since our beginnings in 1983. We have a team of licensing specialists for developer tools and a technical team who can support you across the whole development lifecycle: design > build > test > deploy. We understand that securing your application and IP is very important for compliance and to avoid your code getting into the wrong hands.

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