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Are you working on systems modernisation projects?

To remain competitive, many businesses are having to modernise their systems to take advantage of new technologies such as mobile, BI and IoT. Oracle's use of open standards and support for multiple platforms provides an immediate advantage for today's distributed and complex computing environments.

With an increasing number of businesses looking to deploy off-the-shelf solutions, developers will need a platform to customise these for their specific needs. Oracle's Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides tools and services for this. Oracle's support for today's leading coding environments includes J2EE, .NET and many other popular frameworks. In addition, Oracle PaaS and its associated offerings such as BI and document management allow developers to incorporate pre-built services into their systems.

Oracle Cloud is a flexible and cost effective environment for development projects with the additional benefit of being able to move applications seamlessly between Cloud and on-premises at various stages in the application lifecycle or as the need arises.

Oracle Cloud Platform for Application Development

Develop and deploy modern business applications faster and easier using services designed for developer productivity from Java applications to mobile application to simple mashups with built-in continuous delivery.

Oracle Cloud Platform for Data Management

Slash IT costs and accelerate time-to-value by using the industry’s #1 enterprise database in the cloud. Works for all your data management needs, from development and test to business-critical data warehouses and transactional applications to big data analytics.

Oracle Cloud Platform for IT Operations Management

Oracle Management Cloud.

Today, customer loyalty is about how fast you can deliver new functionality while still providing exceptional user experience. To help companies meet this challenge, Oracle Management Cloud provides an integrated suite of next-generation monitoring, management and analytics solutions that work in heterogeneous environments to provide real-time analysis and deep insights into user experience and business processes.

Oracle Cloud Platform for Business Analytics

Breathe new life into your data with instinctive visual explorations and powerful analytic capabilities. Oracle Cloud Platform for Business Analytics delivers an unmatched user experience with the ease and flexibility you need from your analytics system. Combine any data from any source - cloud, on-premises, big data repositories, IoT, or your local files - for a complete view of your business.

Oracle Cloud Platform Integration Services

Become a connected, digital enterprise. Let Oracle Cloud Platform Integration Services simplify and accelerate integration of your cloud and on-premises applications, as well as your heterogeneous data sources and intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) devices. With comprehensive cloud-based integration you can maximise the value of data and create innovative services faster than your competitors, with greater agility and reduced risk.

Oracle Cloud Platform for Content and Process

Business managers need cloud-based services that can seamlessly blend content, people, processes, and communications as part of a cohesive workflow. Empower your workforce with a new generation of connected tools that drive meaningful collaboration and mobility. Provide around-the-clock access to content in a way that is contextually relevant to the task at hand.

Oracle Cloud Platform for Mobile

Oracle Cloud Platform for Mobile is a set of cloud-based, back-end mobile services that makes mobile application development quicker, more secure, and easier. With a cloud-based platform, mobile client and back-end service developers can collaborate effortlessly in an environment that is tailored to their needs, while managers can fine-tune access and gain insight through mobile analytics.