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Oracle MySQL and
Regulatory Compliance

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MySQL Enterprise Edition assists with Regulatory Compliance

Have you outgrown your use of MySQL Community or Standard Edition? If so, it’s time to upgrade to Enterprise Edition to improve performance, reduce risk and address the challenges which arise when applications become vital to business functions and revenue. Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition provides the features and tools businesses need to ensure their data assets meet regulatory requirements.

You can discover more about Oracle MySQL and GDPR here.

MySQL Enterprise Edition assists with Regulatory Compliance by:

  • Maximising uptime with comprehensive backup and high availability solutions
  • Meeting sustained performance and scalability requirements
  • Simplifying database monitoring and administration
  • Managing the entire Oracle environment, including MySQL, from a single dashboard
  • Providing 24/7 expert technical and consultative support


MySQL Enterprise Edition and Data Security

MySQL Enterprise Edition includes a comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and technical support to achieve the highest levels of scalability, security, reliability and resilience. It reduces the risk, cost and complexity when developing, deploying and managing business-critical MySQL applications. The following are a few features that help ensure your data assets meet the regulatory requirements which have been put in place to protect your business and its customers.


MySQL Enterprise Encryption provides encryption, key generation, digital signatures and other cryptographic features to help organisations protect confidential data and comply with regulatory requirements.

MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) provides data-at-rest encryption by encrypting the database’s physical files. Data is encrypted automatically in real-time prior to writing to storage and decrypted when read from storage.


MySQL Enterprise Backup reduces the risk of data loss by delivering online “Hot” backups of your databases. It supports full, incremental and partial backups, Point-in-Time Recovery and backup compression.

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is built on MySQL Enterprise Edition and powered by Oracle Cloud, providing an enterprise-grade MySQL database service. It delivers the best in class management tools, self service provisioning, elastic scalability and multi-layer security.

Protecting access

MySQL Enterprise Authentication provides ready to use external authentication modules to easily integrate MySQL with existing security infrastructures including Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) and Windows Active Directory. MySQL users can be authenticated using PAM or native Windows OS services.

MySQL Enterprise Firewall guards against cyber security threats by providing real-time protection against database specific attacks such as an SQL Injection. MySQL Enterprise Firewall monitors for database threats. It automatically creates a whitelist of approved SQL statements and blocks unauthorised database activity.

MySQL Enterprise Audit enables you to quickly and seamlessly add policy-based auditing compliance to new and existing applications. You can dynamically enable user level activity logging, implement activity-based policies, manage audit log files and integrate MySQL auditing with Oracle and third-party solutions.

MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-identification provides an easy to use, built-in database solution to help organisations protect sensitive data from unauthorised use by hiding and replacing real values with substitutes.

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