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What is Azure Rights Management?

Comprehensive encryption, identity, and authorisation policies designed to secure corporate files and email across phones, tablets, and PCs.

Why Azure Rights Management?


Your business information should remain yours and distributed on your terms. Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) can help you to secure your sensitive data and files wherever they go.

Azure RMS

  • Works with major device platforms including iOS, Android and Windows
  • Compatible with virtually any file type
  • Deep integration with Microsoft Office
  • Flexible on-premises or cloud deployment options
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for customer-managed encryption
Business Benefits

Share data more securely. Azure RMS is designed to encrypt and safely share nearly any type of file to any PC, phone, or tablet running iOS, Mac OS X, Android or Windows. Share files in email, or using your favorite cloud storage service such as Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

Save time with custom policy templates. Azure RMS fully supports policy templates - pre-defined rights management rules that users can apply to files with a single click. Administrators can either choose from handy pre-configured templates, or create their own custom templates to meet specific business and compliance requirements.

Share data with anyone. Azure RMS makes it easy to share protected files with coworkers or people outside your organization. To open an RMS-protected document, recipients who don’t have Azure RMS just need to sign up for the free Rights Management service and download the free RMS sharing application.

Compliant with key industry standards. Azure RMS has earned multiple certifications and is compliant with stringent data-protection standards including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and the EU Model Clauses. The Thales hardware security module (HSM) used by Azure RMS is FIPS 140-2 certified.

Flexible deployment options. Azure RMS has deployment options to satisfy any business requirement. Going full cloud? The service offers RMS-enabled apps, live support, and integration with Office 365 to deliver data loss prevention (DLP) functionality in Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Organizations with on-premises datacenters have a compelling hybrid option—the Microsoft Rights Management connector.

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