Debugging tool for developers

EurekaLog is a powerful Delphi and C++Builder tool that gives your GUI, console, or web application the power to catch all exceptions and detect infinite-loops and deadlocks.

When a problem occurs in your application, EurekaLog creates a detailed stack trace and bug report. It can send this information back to your development team via email, HTTPS and other protocols. Then you can sort out the issues that arise, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why should you use EurekaLog? 

Reporting is the primary target of EurekaLog 

EurekaLog is exception tracer tool, which collects information about occurred problems (such as exceptions, hangs and leaks) in your application and notifies you (as the developer) about these issues. 

Automated bug reports are one of the most powerful forms of feedback from your customers. The actual problems, with stack traces and other information, are collected for you, automatically and silently.  

The sooner you can get your code out of your code editor and present it to real users – the sooner you’ll have data to improve your software. Surely, it’s very important to do as much as possible to fix bugs before shipping. The sooner you detect bug – the lower will be cost of its fixing. 

However, your software will ship with bugs anyway. Everyone’s software does. It’s more about how quickly you can fix those bugs. 


EurekaLog comes in three editions: Trial, Professional and Enterprise 

The Trial is a fully functional edition, however, any application, which is compiled with Trial edition of EurekaLog will expire after 30 days.  The trial itself may be used for an infinite time. This edition can be used to evaluate EurekaLog. You cannot use this edition for any commercial development. 

Professional is a fully function edition. This edition allows you to do actual work except evaluating (including commercial development). 

Enterprise is the same as Professional edition, however, it also includes EurekaLog’s full source code. 

Please contact us for more information about trials, licensing advice and quotes. 

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