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DbVis Software is the creator of the database tool DbVisualizer. The company is made up of a small team of passionate people based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Their vision is still the same as when they started: high-quality software to make life easier and more effective for anyone who uses it. So far, more than 4,500,000 users have downloaded their software and more than 22,500 companies over 135 countries are using the commercial pro-version.


DbVisualizer is a feature-rich, intuitive multi-database tool for developers, analysts and database administrators, providing a single powerful interface across a wide variety of operating systems. With its easy-to-use and clean interface, DbVisualizer has proven to be one of the most cost-effective database tools available, not to mention that it runs on all major operating systems and supports all major RDBMS that are available. Users only need to learn and master one application. DbVisualizer integrates transparently with the operating system being used.

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Multi-database and cross-platform Database Management Tool

  • Work with multiple database brands and perform many development and administration tasks from a single tool
  • Easily explore your databases
  • Automatic graphs of primary/foreign-key constraints

Visually create and manage the database

  • Construct and manage database objects with ease
  • Multiple object action executions
  • Create, compile and run functions and procedures
  • Object scripting
  • Visually compare table and result set data
  • Powerful data editing

Write and execute SQL scripts

  • SQL IDE with syntax highlighting
  • Auto completion
  • Parameterised SQL execution
  • Chart any result set in nice diagrams
  • Tune your queries with integrated explain plans
  • Query builder using drag and drop, no manual SQL required
  • Visually compare SQL scripts

Data and database transfer

  • Export table data in CSV, SQL, HTML, XML, Excel, JSON, Text
  • Export multiple objects in the database including table data or all objects for a specific type
  • Import table data from CSV files into an existing table or create a table from import data

General productivity

  • Tasks are executed in the background allowing for parallel operations
  • Autosave of the workspace
  • Resume where you left off with editors preserved between sessions
  • Flexible workspace based on a tabbed interface supporting customized layout that is saved between sessions
  • Tag DB objects and SQL script files as favourites for instant loads
  • A dark theme (Darcula)

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