World Backup Day 2021

Published: March 31, 2021

31 March is World Backup Day

World Backup Day was launched to help people learn about the increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups.

Top 5 reasons to back up your data

We asked our security software specialist, Scott Harrison, to breakdown the five key reasons that you need to backup your data. He notes how it is now becoming a mix of securing your data and business continuity.

  1. Data loss can occur at any time to anyone for any number of reasons, whether it’s someone spilling coffee on the server or a dodgy hard drive; having backups available gives you the best recovery time as a business.
  2. Organisations both big and small are just as likely to be targeted by cybercriminals with any number of threats. The most popular right now is ransomware of business-critical storage devices or backup files.
  3. Audits, archives and compliance – ensuring that you’ve got an offsite backup of critical client information can really save you if something goes wrong locally. The IRS and regulatory commissions really don’t care if you have had a data disaster. All it means to them is that you’re not compliant and they can find you.
  4. Human error is so commonplace because it is not always malicious. For example, a key file or folder can easily be overwritten or deleted by accident, but the issue might not be discovered until weeks or months later when it becomes too late to salvage on the fly.
  5. 43% of businesses that suffer a major data loss may never recover if they lose their IP business-critical information.

Grey Matter can support you with your backup and security needs

You may already have backup solutions in place to protect your organisation, but does your backup solution cover everything? Are you happy with the backup provider you currently use? Or are you someone that does not know which backup solutions are right for you? We can help.

We have been providing backup and security solutions to our customers for many years.

Our security software specialist can provide expert licensing advice. We can help you source free trials and demos so you can see first-hand how these backup tools can protect your organisation. We partner with a wide range of backup vendors and can help you choose the right solution for your organisation’s needs and requirements.

For instance, we recommend Acronis for cloud backup and cybersecurity protection, Veeam for virtual, cloud and physical backup and control as well as Dropsuite for Microsoft 365 backup – in particular Microsoft Teams and OneNote. Quest Backup and Recovery Suite is also a great choice as well.

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