What’s new in Intel Media Server Studio 2018 and Intel Media SDK 2018

Published: April 11, 2018

Intel® has released the latest updates to its media software development tools – Intel® Media Server Studio and Intel® Media SDK. These can be used to optimise video solutions from camera to cloud. Media developers and video solution providers can use these tools to speed up video transcoding and streaming, cloud graphics and gaming, video conferencing as well as video/imagine processing within their applications.

Intel® Media Server Studio 2018 for Linux:

  • Enhancements to AVC compression efficiency and video quality features
  • Improved HEVC encode video quality and CPU performance for multiple sessions running at the same time
  • Expanded API parameters for better control over the codecs
  • Significant performance increases for the Session Joining API
  • Support for CentOS 7.4, with new features and security updates
  • Enhancements to FEI
  • And more!

Intel Media SDK 2018 for Windows:

New features have been added to expand its useages to include enterprise, data center/visual cloud, broadcasting and embedded – along with desktop, client, embedded and mobile.

  • The encoding feature rom Intel® Media Server Studio Professional edition are now FREE
  • HVEC codec components
  • Video Quality Caliper- analysis tool
  • Chroma siting and field weaving video processing features
  • Delta QP for better encoding quality
  • Encoding untis information supports the AVC (H.264) encoder to add the NALU information
  • HEVC HMFT now supports SEI message for HDR
  • AVC supports weighted predictions for P-frames and B-frames
  • HEVC provides maximum frame size bitrate control
  • Preview features for Cannon Lake, including improved HEVC encode video quality and new VP9 encoder features

Intel Media SDK 2018 for Linux:

Following the introduction of Region of Interest (ROI) in 2018 R2, which supports smart encoding scenarios, in R2.1 Intel® has added new features for bitrate control and has continued to improve the product’s quality.

  • HEVC Macroblock level QP control
  • AVC sliding Windows Bitrate control
  • HEVC MBQP control
  • HEVC encoder stability

To find out more about the Intel Software tools and how they’re licensed, please call +44 (0) 1364 654100.

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