Netop Remote Control is now Impero Connect

Published: September 15, 2021

We are happy to announce a new version of Netop Remote Control, now known as Impero Connect. Version 12.90 introduces more than just a new name, it includes security improvements and support for Debian.

Netop was acquired by Impero in 2021.

Impero Connect

All Netop Remote Control modules are being updated with new branding. Guest, Host, Gateway, Security Server, WebConnect, Nameserver and Portal modules will now use the Impero Connect branding.

New Data Policies

The Master Services Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policies have been updated to reflect the change in ownership from Netop to Impero.

Security Improvement

Communication between modules now uses a TLS tunnel by default when Impero Connect Portal is chosen as a communication profile.

Support for Debian

Version 12.90 introduces support for Debian 10. Note that only x11 sessions are supported with this release.

Impero Connect version 12.90 requires a new licence key. Customers who are current with the Impero Advantage Annual Support & Upgrade plan will receive new licence keys at no additional charge. Customers who are not current with Impero Advantage will need to purchase an upgrade licence. Please contact us if you have questions about your licence.

Additional information about Impero Connect version 12.90 is available in the release notes.

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