InstallShield 2021 release brings subscription model

Published: September 6, 2021

From September 2021 onwards, InstallShield will move to a pure subscription model for all new sales.

In light of this change, product editions and pricing has been simplified.

Why subscription?

Subscription is the preferred monetisation model in the industry. Many buyers prefer ongoing service and yearly payments rather than big upfront investments; a shift from Capex to Opex.

It also means that customers gain access to the latest version of the software, setting them up for more success and innovation.

So what’s changed?

Express edition has been removed, the Professional edition is now known as just InstallShield, and the Premier edition remains.


Q – What if a customer has existing perpetual licences with active maintenance but needs to add more licences?
A – The customer would now purchase 3-year subscriptions for the # of additional licences/users needed.

Q – Is there an upgrade path from perpetual to subscription for customers off maintenance?
A – No. If a customer wants to get on subscription, they will need to buy a new 3-year agreement.

Q – What happens if my subscription expires?
A – Once a subscription expires, access to the software also expires. In order to continue usage of the licence, the subscription must be renewed.

Q – I purchased 1 node-locked license. How many machines/users can use?
A – Only 1.

Q – If my customer needs 3 users/machines/licences, would I just quote three 3-year subscriptions?
A – Yes.

Q – Is “maintenance” included with all subscriptions regardless of product version, licence model and user count?
A – Yes, subscription means access to the licence along with future releases AND access to technical support.

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InstallShield’s packaging and installer technologies allow users to adapt to industry changes quickly, get to market faster and deliver an engaging customer experience. Plus, they will be ready for Microsoft’s latest deployment type-MSIX. Find out about InstallShield 2021 as well as the other Revenera and Flexera products here. The latest version includes support for cloud builds, modern and simple installers, support for Windows 11 and more.

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