CSP Territory definition in a no-deal Brexit scenario

Published: September 13, 2019

Microsoft is currently planning for all Brexit eventualities. In a no-deal Brexit scenario, following the UK’s departure from the EU and until further notice from Microsoft or Grey Matter, partners who are currently authorised by their partner agreement with Microsoft to distribute Microsoft products to resellers and/or customers in the EU/EFTA territory will remain authorised to do so in the United Kingdom and the EU/EFTA territory.

This will apply to all Grey Matter customers transacting through the CSP program.

This means that all references to EU/EFTA in Grey Matter and Microsoft’s CSP contracts will continue to include the UK as if the UK were expressly mentioned. This territorial scope definition will apply to all new partner agreements with Microsoft (where applicable) until the contracts are updated to comply with any new laws enacted once the UK has left the EU, or until Grey Matter or Microsoft otherwise provide notice to the contrary.

To summarise, in case of a no-deal Brexit, authorised partners may continue to distribute Microsoft products in the UK and the European Union/European Free Trade Association territory.

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