Bing Maps UK quality and search updates

Published: April 23, 2018

Microsoft Bing Maps has released new data, quality updates and bug fixes with added support of rooftop address geocoding with high precision post codes, for the United Kingdom.

Better geo accuracy and higher granularity: With millions of rooftop addresses added into the Bing Maps platform, the Bing Maps geocoding service now offers the most accurate rooftop-level geocoder for the United Kingdom on the market. Instead of interpolated results, now addresses are resolved to the latitude/longitude coordinate at the center of the address parcel (property boundary) with high precision post code. This is critical for a country like the United Kingdom with high-density addresses.

Better user experience with richer information on the map: Improved geocoding accuracy leads to improved driving directions. With the geo-accuracy improvement, users can see granular buildings and business landmarks shown on Bing Maps.

“Business at address” search queries: Search for and confirm an address and see what businesses (offices, cafes, restaurants, and more) are associated with that address.

Improved experience for directions queries: Alternate driving routes are now listed and provide helpful information like the amount of time you can expect to be stuck in traffic. “Search along the route” has also been added, so if you’re taking a road trip, you can see what attractions and restaurants are along the way.

Improved experience for latitude and longitude queries: If you prefer to search with lat/long queries, the associated address location and a list of any businesses nearby will be provided. Streetside imagery has also been enabled.

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