Bing Maps launches fleet and logistics APIs

Published: December 20, 2017

Microsoft has released the final three premium APIs for Bing Maps, creating a full set of APIs for fleet, asset, and logistics applications.


Bing Maps Truck Routing API takes road conditions, legal restrictions, speed limits, the vehicle’s dimensions and other parameters to calculate safe and efficient routes. Routes tailored to commercial vehicles can help avoid a number of potentially dangerous situations, ensure compliance with legal restrictions, help realise fuel costs, vehicles maintenance and fines. The API can be used to show Bing Maps Streetside imagery of low bridges, hairpin turns and other hazards.

For businesses wanting accurate methods of analysing trips or tracking their fleets in real-time including the route and speed, the new Snap-to-Road API brings intelligence to GPS results. Snap-to-Road API turns a truck’s or tracked asset’s GPS points into the latitude and longitude coordinates of the closest road and snaps to the most logical path, for route optimisation.

The new Isochrone API uses time or distance to calculate and visualise your search, providing time-specific isochrones for an area that can be traveled to, based on time/distance from a starting point.

The three new APIs are in addition to the recent launch of the Distance Matrix API .

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