Azure Maps Elevation Service

Published: December 7, 2020

Microsoft has announced new Azure Maps Elevation Service REST APIs now in public preview.

Developers will be able to add elevation data to their applications and start supporting scenarios that require ground truth terrain information – everything from determining the elevation at a precise location, along a road segment, or with a bounding box.

The ground truth elevation data can be used to build the digital twins to validate the predictions against the underlying physical-based models. For example, when a water department of a city creates a water network and must determine where to lay out the water pipelines, they can use elevation data to understand the layout and health of water pipelines in the event of a flood. By using elevation data in their flood analysis, city engineers can correct the water pipeline layout to minimise impact in the event of a rupture.

The ability to retrieve elevation data at a global scale is powered by Azure Maps, and uses the 24-metre WorldDEM4Ortho dataset from Airbus WorldDEM portfolio, which covers the Earth’s entire land surface. The dataset features 4-metre vertical accuracy in a 24-metre raster.

To start experimenting with this new service, visit the Microsoft page: How to Request Elevation Data in Azure Maps.

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