Microsoft Cognitive Services and Developing with AI in Azure

AI workshop for developers

What’s the value of AI and how easily can you integrate it?

Learn all this and more at our AI workshop with Microsoft and ICS.AI.

It’s not always easy to see the commercial value in adopting new technologies and identifying opportunities to use them, especially when your focus is on getting more deployments out the door.

At this workshop, you’ll gain an insight into Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs and the business value of integrating these services into your projects. Christina Leo, Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect will also demo how to connect to Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs using Python code and build and train a custom speech to text translation model.

In the second session, ICS.AI will cover the growth of AI Chatbots in software development projects. They’ll cover the tech behind chatbots and real-life use cases, as well as demo their own FLEX AI Chatbots to help you make the decision – build your own or partner with a specialist?

Content covered will include:

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Data and AI
  • Chatbots (including hands-on demos with Flex AI Chatbots from ICS.AI)


Reading, Tuesday 6th November


10:00 Arrival and intros
10:30 Microsoft – Microsoft Cognitive Services, data and AI
12:00 Break and refreshments
12:30 ICS.AI – Adding AI chatbots to your applications, build or partner?
14:00 Lunch and finish

Venue: Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1WG

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