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Grey Matter and Enterprise Software Group enable
Hydrajaws to gain data insights through Azure IoT

Hydrajaws develop, manufacture, and sell a range of portable testing devices for testing the crucial
holding force of anchors and fixings in construction materials.




Hydrajaws wanted to improve their existing mobile application estate, which was becoming difficult to maintain and couldn’t be integrated with the wider Hydrajaws’ estate.


Together, Enterprise Software Group (ESG) and Grey Matter helped Hydrajaws to achieve their objective.

Hydrajaws approached ESG to review their existing implementation and they quickly identified the IoT like nature of its purpose. ESG saw that thousands of devices around the globe were producing similar data but no aggregation or reporting of that data was taking place. Also, no restrictions were placed on who was able to use the applications or the associated pull testers. Both of these factors had the potential to inhibit Hydrajaws’ revenue generation.

ESG’s solution was to leverage the Azure IoT Platform. They implemented Azure IoT Hub to provide a centralised workflow for the ingestion of data. By centrally capturing all data related to the pull tests being conducted using Hydrajaws’ devices, a rich dataset was built providing opportunities for future reporting.


IoT Hub also enabled Hydrajaws to protect their commercial interests by restricting access to the infrastructure on a per-device basis. IoT Hub also provides data updates to the mobile applications, harnessing the bi-directional messaging capabilities that the Azure IoT Platform offers.

Using Azure IoT opened a requirement to find a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) that could support Hydrajaws’ Azure consumption and so ESG recommended Grey Matter. Choosing Grey Matter as their Direct CSP, Hydrajaws purchased Azure via Grey Matter and received support to optimise their Azure consumption.




Hydrajaws now has a rich and expending dataset from which they can derive insights to provide to the industry, improving safety records for their customers and providing future opportunities for predictive analytics, all driven by IoT-derived data. Hydrajaws is also making efficient use of Azure resources with the help of their Direct CSP Grey Matter.


“Enterprise Software Group were integral in recognising the value of the data that our devices capture and recommended the best technical solution to make use of that data. By using Azure IoT Hub, we now have an application that our customers can engage with easily and provides a genuine opportunity for the growth of our business, capturing rich data to provide insights for our industry.”

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