All the HardCopy articles listed here have been written by both Grey Matter Staff and independent software journalists so you can be sure the information is impartial and authoritative.

And another thing 69

Published: June 1, 2016 | Author: Jon Honeyball

Jon Honeyball mulls over the 180 second rule, and how Apple might react to the Xamarin revolution.

Straight talking 69

Published: June 1, 2016 | Author: Tim Anderson

We talk to Miguel de Icaza about Microsoft’s Xamarin acquisition, and takes a look at the latest from Embarcadero.

Inside Data 69

Published: June 1, 2016 | Author: Graham Keitch

Graham Keitch examines the data integration solutions offered by Oracle and Microsoft.

Shortcuts 68

Published: February 26, 2016 | Author: Paul Stephens

Paul Stephens takes a sideways look at the world of IT.