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We make managing your subscriptions and customers stress-free

We understand that it can be very stressful working to drive your business forward whilst managing your
customers. Factors like lack of time or lack of resources can all contribute to business stress.

Typical stressors you may face:

defining work
Time—it can be time-consuming trying to manage cloud subscriptions, ordering new/removing
licences from suppliers, finding/researching add-ons

Budget—monitoring and keeping costs low/within budget can be hard and time-consuming,
especially when you want the products that will really benefit your organisation

Support shortfall—not having the in-house capacity/technical knowledge can be frustrating/hold
the organisation back and it can take extra time or costs to sort out and get the support needed

Go-to-market—if you’re a startup, ISV (software house/app builder) or service provider, you may
not have the time, research or platform to get your product/service into the market

Whatever is the cause of your business stress, our GMCirrus™ platform can help


  • Manage end user subscriptions for free
  • Track Azure spend
  • Monthly, annual or multi-year billing
  • No long-term tie-in
  • By using the portal regularly, you can keep in control of budget
  • Oversee what subscriptions you have all at once—you don’t have to keep a spreadsheet or other area
    to monitor and update what subscriptions you have
  • Gain visibility of your Azure spend with our cost management platform, GMCirrusView™


  • At an additional cost, Indirect CSPs have the option to use the platform as a white label
    marketplace to sell your cloud-based products and services


  • Support services—speak to a person/direct contact/dedicated helpdesk
  • 9-5 support with the option to uplift to 24-7
  • Microsoft certified team
  • Technical training and workshops


  • Add and remove Microsoft CSP subscriptions easily
  • Manage your subscriptions at any time—log on anytime, day or night to add/remove subscriptions—you
    don’t have to wait for quotes, or wait until working hours to contact an account manager
  • Easily add/buy additional products and services that complement the Microsoft CSP products

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    Defining work related stress

    According to World Health Organisation (WHO) 2018, work-related stress is defined as:

    “the response people may have when presented with work demands and pressures that are not matched to
    their knowledge and abilities and which challenge their ability to cope. HSE identified that in 2016/17
    526,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, and another report suggests that a third of UK workers
    experience stress, anxiety or depression.”

    As stressors build up they can make you frustrated, stressed or even upset, and after a while affect your
    health and sleep.

    Poor health can then make you more prone to experiencing more stress, and therefore you are
    likely to become less productive and efficient in the workplace.

    Check out our fun little 12-step guide to help you reduce stress.

    Read the guide

    Here’s some photos of some of our team trying out these techniques:

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