Sep, 2021

How to build a secure IoT solution with Azure

Tuesday 28 September
3:00pm-4:00pm BST

Join us to learn how to leverage the full potential of Azure IoT to transform your solution and business.

Azure IoT helps you to securely connect and manage devices, and analyse the device data in real-time to gain actionable insights and intelligence to enable business transformation across any size company and any industry type.

In this webinar we will dive deep into Microsoft Azure IoT technology in relation to understanding how to build a secure end-to-end IoT solution.

You will:

• Hear from our customers who have been through this process
• Understand the tech in Azure
• Learn how you can expedite your development
• Have the opportunity to get your questions answered during a Q&A session


Contact our Azure IoT SME before the webinar with any questions you may have about your use case:

+44 (0)1364 655 133