The critical first step of a successful project

Projects succeed when the design phase accurately captures requirements and expectations. Here are three very different products which can help you get off to the right start.


A digital mind-mapping solution that is perfect for gathering and ordering end-user requirements during the design phase.

MindManager helps the team to capture, process and share information by transforming scattered ideas and unstructured data into dynamic visual maps. Used during the design phase, MindManager will clarify business requirements to improve project outcomes.

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Modelling data schemas plays an important part in designing the application’s interface with the data layer.

ER/Studio’s physical and logical data modelling and metadata capabilities allow you to document data elements, business data objects and regulatory attributes in order to show their sources, interactions and dependencies.

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A collaborative modelling, design and management platform based on UML and related standards.

Enterprise Architect helps IT teams to model and manage complex information. By integrating and connecting a wide range of structural and behavioural information in visual form, you can build a coherent, verifiable model of what-is or what-will-be.

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