Microsoft CSP Indirect

It’s time to modernise the way you manage and distribute licences.

What is the Indirect Reseller model?

Becoming an Indirect Reseller with Grey Matter enables you to easily purchase Microsoft subscriptions for your customers. Grow your software business by combining your licensing, provisioning, deployment, support and billing, all within one simple model.

You would be classed as a Cloud Solutions Reseller and billed for all Azure usage from each of your customers’ Azure CSP subscriptions. These identities and Azure services would have tenant-level isolation. Grey Matter would provision these subscriptions.

We can help with your licensing, provisioning, deployment, technical support and billing, as well as your go-to-market plans, training, additional tools, call out days and more.

As a Grey Matter Indirect CSP partner you’ll also benefit from:

Cloud subscription management portal

Take your customers’ orders around the clock. Buy, remove and manage your Microsoft subscriptions easily, anytime. Keep track of your customers’ Azure consumption, provision new VMs and Azure resources for them. Find out more here. We don’t just have Microsoft products and services available on the platform, there are other vendors too. For instance, we have ReSharper and Barracuda Essentials for Office 365.

Quick and easy go-to-market

You can also use the portal as a marketplace through our GMCirrus+™ offering. Your customers can then purchase Microsoft and/or your own products and services easily through the portal at any time. Get to market quickly and easily with minimal capital investment.

Microsoft recognition and rebates

You receive full revenue recognition for your purchases with Microsoft. These will count towards competencies. Furthermore, if you have an eligible competency you will also be entitled to rebates directly from Microsoft. We’ll keep you up to date on all the incentives available.


Technical support

Support for all Microsoft cloud services from our Microsoft certified technical engineers. You’ll gain access to our 9-to-5 Cloud Assure support service at no additional cost when you join our CSP subscription program, and you’ll have the option to uplift to 24/7 if required.

Some of our technical services available include: Office 365 and Azure migrations, DevOps services, backup and disaster recovery, Azure health check, helpdesk and more.

Licensing advice and account management

We want to make sure you get the most out of your IT spend. Our dedicated account management and expert licensing advice will support you throughout your journey, and we are here to help you with any queries you have. Our expert licensing advice is based on over 35 years of experience in the software industry.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Specialist for ISV. We also work with over 400 other partners covering a range of technologies: security, design and media, productivity, backup and disaster recovery, network monitoring, components, performance, deployment and much more! See our Partners page to see just a handful of the great companies we work with. Through working closely with these partners, we can also often offer competitive pricing.

Workshops and Events

We host a wide range of free events on a regular basis across the UK. We offer them to our partners (and your customers) as a chance for knowledge expansion and networking. Some of our regular events include workshops and live labs. If you’re part of our CSP program and are interested in hosting your own events for your customers, then we can provide you with any support you need to get event planning started. To find out more about the events available, sign up to our newsletter or visit our events page.

Microsoft call out days and Marketing-as-a-service

We understand the different challenges that you face when taking your solution to market. We’ve given you the platform to sell your solution. Now we can also give you the specific tools that you need to effectively communicate your value proposition to your customers. This could be in the form of focused training and call out days to help your sales team pinpoint key opportunities or providing your team with white-label collateral such as email templates and datasheets, or even a bespoke marketing consultancy session.

Once you feel confident, we can also help you to get your solution onto Microsoft AppSource and the Azure Marketplace to reach a wider customer base.

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