Business Grade Software for Academic Use

There are plenty of ways in which software can help with the learning process. The most obvious is as an e-learning tool, but there are also educational copies of business software for training, administration applications to smooth timetabling and project management, security software to ensure compliance with data protection legislation and guard against malware, and assistive technology for students with physical or learning disabilities. And much is extremely cost-effective, thanks to special licensing options available to educational establishments.

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Business software

Training in the basics of office software – word processing, spreadsheet, database and Internet use – is a core skill for most young people going into employment. Providing industry-standard applications to learn on is essential in most secondary level institutions and training colleges.

Administration tools

Running a modern school or college requires the support of quality administration software, for example monitoring student progress or helping plan new projects.


There are many places in which conventional ‘front of class’ whiteboard teaching may not be the best medium. For distance learning and for distributed lessons to a classroom of tablets, it may be better to have a recorded teaching session, so that individual help can be offered to those with particular needs.

Assistive technology

Students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or those who suffer from a visual impairment, can often be helped with the appropriate software fitted to their computer or tablet device.

Data protection

Securing student data is both vital and required by best Data Protection practice, from encrypting data to securing and backing it up.