Are you a developer rearchitecting your application for Azure? A security specialist working hard to keep cyber threats at bay? A CTO looking for ways to optimise platform usage and become more efficient?  

Whatever your role supporting your business’s IT needs, you’ve been called to join us on a cosmic quest to find the five pillars of Azure and unlock each stage of architectural excellence.  

 Your mission is to pilot a team of IT specialists through five levels of deep space, unlocking each stage of architectural excellence. Do you accept?

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Partner with Grey Matter for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has recognised us as an Azure Specialist for ISV for the second year in a row, a status that is only awarded to 45 partners globally. With pre-sales and technical teams possessing a combination of nine Microsoft competencies, we can support you at every stage of your cloud journey.

Microsoft Competencies Gold and Silver

Talk to us if you need: 

  • Advice on Azure best practice and infrastructure design 
  • Support migrating to Azure with a fully cloud or hybrid deployment 
  • Advice on optimising your Azure costs and resource usage 
  • Support ensuring that your Azure infrastructure meets your security requirements 
  • Help taking your application to market or selling Microsoft Services 


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